Happy International Women’s Day

Who Runs The (letter) World? 🌎 💁‍♀️

Sorry Chris, slightly outnumbered by all of us Letter Ladies!

Checklist for being a woman:

Are you a woman? Check! ✔

Pat on the back for being a woman 👏

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! 💃




We are delighted to have been selected by Jacqueline Gold (the chief executive of Ann Summers, FYI) to be a #WOW (Women on Wednesday) Winner.

So you’re probably wondering.. what is this mysterious #WOW and why is it so great? Well… it’s a campaign to support women in business (which we obvs love, #GIRLPOWER), and it takes place every Wednesday on Jacqueline’s twitter page.

It’s a great opportunity for us to share our business story and inspire others so keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post over on her website here. 

Join us on this journey of inspiring, celebrating and connecting women in business and if your feeling brave enough why not try entering yourself? #TheFutureIsFemale