Pretty and Pink

June 23rd marks National Pink Day! A day dedicated to the beautiful blush hue, it’s the colour of peonies, strawberry macarons and of course, our favourite animal, the majestic flamingo.

We’ve collected up some of our favourite pretty pink picks that would make a perfect gift for any pink princess!
1.Personalised nail polish in ‘too hot pink’ and ‘nude and proud’ £16.95
2. Pink Glittery Personalised Pencils. Not only are they pink, they’re glittery AND you can have a message of your choice written on them! Session-3249
4.Ziggy the flamingo mug. Our go to mug when it’s coffee time! £9.95 Session-2609
5. Bright Pink Souk Cushion will add a splash of colour to any sofa!


6. Pink Light up LED Sparkle Jar looks stunning when on or off! £11.95


6. Milk Chocolate + Pink Sprinkles = Winning Combo. £4.95
7. Milk Chocolate + Pink Sprinkles = Winning Combo. £4.95


pink flora
8. Of course, no list would be complete without our favourite feathery friend, Flora the flamingo. £39.95